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Order-picking without scanner

YUtag – universal order-picking solution sensor-platform for all kind of application


YUtags are the new development from YUMA Technology that meet all the needs of production and intralogistics - without any scanning!

  • Minimal installation effort
  • No radio transmission
  • Scan-free and without user devices
  • Multi-user capable
  • Intuitive operation without specialist knowledge
  • Operation in the cloud or on-premises
  • Smooth processes thanks to intuitive sensor technology
  • Universal connection to ERP/LVS/MES
  • Maximum flexibility


Flyer YUtag


The following FAQs provide you with an initial overview of the extensive areas of application and scope of services of the YUtag solution:



Q: How does the YUtag solution differ from conventional pick-by-light systems?

A: The YUtag picking solution does not require any fixed installation on the shelf. In addition, the worker can operate the system hands-free (scan-free): he has both hands free at all times and is therefore as efficient as possible.


Q: How many different picking processes are possible at the same time?

A: In principle, all colors can be displayed using RGB. We recommend up to eight colors that can be meaningfully differentiated from one another.


Q: How can picking errors be processed?

A: The YUtags are equipped with sensor surfaces on which a process can be reprocessed and error corrections can be made.


Q: Is it possible to monitor interventions in the pick-by-light or put-by-light application?

A: Yes, because we work with partners for this purpose who can monitor 3D picking processes - and this also without infrastructure on the shelf.


Q: How are the YUtags mounted?

A: The YUtags can either be fixed with built-in magnets or with a clip system (screwed, riveted or glued).


Q: Do the YUtags have to be integrated into your WiFi?

A: No, the YUtags do not communicate by radio waves, but by invisible infrared light.


Q: Are radio approvals required for the YUtags for different regions of the world or countries?

A: No radio approvals are required for the standard version (infrared communication), so that the system can be used worldwide.


Q: What area can I illuminate with a transceiver? / What is the range of the system?

A: The range is approx. 1100 sq ft and can be extended using any number of transceivers.


Q: Is a line of sight required for the connection between the transceiver and YUtags?

A: No, the system works mainly via reflection.


Q: Can YUtags be localized within closed rooms? / Is indoor localization possible?

A: Yes, via extension by UWB or ultrasonic-based indoor localization system. BLE functionalities are also available as an option.


Q: What is the minimum quantity at which the use of YUtags makes sense?

A: The system can be scaled as required, so even the use of small quantities can make sense.


Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The YUtags are equipped with rechargeable battery cells. The service life is approx. 6 months, after which the batteries can be recharged within a very short time.


Q: How do I know that the YUtag's battery needs to be charged soon?

A: The battery charge level is transmitted regularly and thus a low battery level is signaled long before it is completely empty. Depending on your wishes, the notification is sent, for example, by e-mail to the administrator or directly on the YUtag.


Q: Can the YUtags be connected to our ERP, LV or ME system in terms of data?

A: Yes, the system has an open REST API interface that can be configured on a customer-specific basis.


Q: Does the YUtags use AI technology?

A: The many configuration options also offer the option of using YUtags as an AI-supported sensor platform.


Q: Is the YUtag solution also suitable for use outside of pick-by-light or put-by-light?

A: YUtags are sensor platforms that can be equipped with various physical sensors and communication modules. This means that there are virtually no limits to the solution. For example, the YUtag can be equipped with highly sensitive temperature sensors and humidity sensors to monitor transport containers in production or machines and their surroundings.

By using AI, it is also possible to detect machine vibrations to inform the operator of impending failures.


Q: What can be shown on the e-paper display?

A: Customer-specific templates can be stored. This means that any fonts, black and white graphics, 1D and 2D barcode symbologies (e.g. data matrix code or QR code) can be displayed.


Q: Can an individual text language be displayed for each worker?

A: Yes, the YUtags can display what is provided by your system.


Q: What does a YUtag cost?

A: YUtags can be equipped with different sensors and communication modules. We will be happy to provide you with a customized quote.